How the BWBC Started

I have always loved to read, and since getting married in 2012 I have read quite a few books on being a strong Christian woman and wife. I have often recommended books to friends in hopes of having someone to discuss them with, but it never quite works out as I plan. I also tend to read, highlight, and even make notes on some great things in these books that I forget about soon after I finish it. I needed to find a different way of getting my thoughts out as I read these books so that they last more than just a few days. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for about six months and I always knew I wanted it to be something related to my faith and family, but my ideas never seemed to come together in a logical way…until today.

Today I started yet another great book on being a Christ-centered wife who bases her love for and actions towards her husband on what the Bible says rather than what society would like us to believe our marriages should look like. As I was reading and making my usual notes in the margins, I kept thinking of how much my close friends – other young Christian wives – would benefit from the wisdom that this strong Christian woman, and wife of 20+ years, had to share. Chapter after chapter I would think of this friend and then that friend that I wanted to share different passages with. Later as I was reflecting on what I had read, I had a thought – that I can only explain as being from God because I wouldn’t be able to come up with something like this on my own – an online book club for young, Christian wives to read, discuss, and learn side by side to be the kind of women, wives, and mothers that God wants us to be.

After getting some interest from some of my closest friends, my brain was racing with ideas of how this could work. When I finally got to share my thoughts with my husband, who immediately jumped on board, I’m sure I was talking about 100 mph trying to get everything out. He helped me out with some of the more technical stuff and before I knew it – the Biblical Wives Book Club was off the ground! After struggling for several months with different blog ideas and names (all of which ended up being taken already, by the way) I couldn’t be more thrilled to see all the pieces of this fall together so quickly!! This has definitely been a God thing!

I truly look forward to diving into some great books with some great women by my side. I don’t know where this road will take us, but I know it will be fun with you all by my side!

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