Jesus is My Safety Net

Jesus is My Safety Net

When I announced to my family that I would be going to Haiti I got some mixed reactions. While everyone was excited for me to go and do God’s work, there were several people who expressed some major concerns about my safety. It’s no secret that Taylor and I have been trying to conceive for more than a year and the Zika virus is known to be in Haiti. There was also the general concern that I was headed to a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language, know the customs, etc.

When I first signed up for the trip, excitement overshadowed any doubts or concerns that may have popped into my head. Over and over again, I remember telling everyone that I was certain that if God was calling me to go then He would protect me.

Unfortunately, as the trip got closer and I heard more and more people voice their concern for my safety on the trip, it started to chip away at my excitement and some of those concerns took root in my heart. Even though I still knew that God would protect me, little by little I started to have some major anxieties about the trip. When I shared those concerns with my small group, they were quick to remind me that Satan puts those worries and fears into our heads to try to stop us from doing big things for God’s kingdom. Those were definitely the words I needed to hear and it helped to keep the worry at bay, but it didn’t completely go away.

I’ve already told you about my epiphany in the airplane as we were making our descent into Port-Au-Prince, so you already know that when I finally put my full faith and trust in God those worries all disappeared. Want to know the funny thing though? I didn’t even think about those worries or doubts a single time while we were in Haiti. I’m not sure if it’s that I forgot they existed in the first place or if I just didn’t notice that they were gone, but the result was the same – overwhelming peace. The moment I realized that they had been fully taken away from me for the entire week was when I was sitting at church the day after my return listening to the sermon.

That morning our pastor spoke about when Jesus walked on the water through the storm to His disciples’ boat. It was during that sermon about their fear that I realized that, just like the storm 2,000 years ago, Jesus had calmed my fears and made them completely vanish. I was already on an emotional overload because of the trip so when I realized what God had done for me so that I could truly enjoy every minute of the beautiful journey in Haiti, I broke down in tears. Right there in the middle of church, I lifted up a sobbing prayer of gratitude to God.

Even if God isn’t calling you to jump on a plane to serve in a third world country, I’m sure that what He is calling you to do can seem just as scary at times. God’s plan for our life isn’t for us to stay within our comfort zones, but once you finally “let go and let God,” you’ll be amazed at the transformation that will take place in your heart and soul. One of the biggest lessons that God has taught me over the last few months is that I never have to fear those proverbial leap of faith moments because Jesus is my safety net.

So what is God calling you to do right now? Do you trust Him enough to take the leap of faith even if you’re still battling your worries and fears?

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