Have you ever flown in an airplane through a storm or lots of clouds? It can be quite a scene to behold, but without trust it could also be quite scary.

The way the passengers’ windows are situated allows you to only see what’s happening beside you. Only the pilot is able to see what’s ahead. That alone can be scary enough, but what if you add in clouds that are so thick that you can’t see anything other than white fluff for several minutes. Or maybe those clouds aren’t just white fluff, but angry, gray storm clouds.

Now let’s be honest here, if you’ve ever had this experience were you actually all that scared? Probably not. And why is that? Because you trust the pilot – trust that he’s got the tools he needs to fly the plane where it needs to go even if he can’t see past the clouds, trust that he’s been given the proper training so that you’re safe in his hands.

If we trust our pilots so fully, why don’t we always trust God with that same level of confidence? We’re in a similar situation aren’t we? God is like the pilot of our lives. He knows what’s ahead – yes there will be storms, but sometimes the only way to get to where you’re going is to fly straight through the heart them.

Most of us who are believers would probably say that we do trust God, but how far does that trust really go? Sometimes we’ll fly through stages of life when all we can see is the storm raging right outside our window. Other times we’ll know God is calling us to take a step of faith, but we won’t be able to see the destination through the clouds. In those instances, do you always put your full, unbridled faith in God? I know I don’t.

Even on the airplane to Haiti a couple weeks ago, I was still struggling to get past the nerves and anxiety about the missions trip I was about to embark on. As we got closer and closer to Port-Au-Prince, the questions that the enemy had planted in my head got louder and louder. Am I really going to be able to hike 4-6 miles per day? What if I get bitten by a mosquito and get the Zika virus? What if, what if … and then we hit the clouds.

As we descended into Haitian airspace, the clouds were so thick that we couldn’t see anything else for several minutes. All of the ooh’s and ah’s from my teammates around me distracted me from my negative thoughts, which were soon replaced by the assurances of God. Just as I trusted the pilot to get me to my destination safely, I needed to trust God to do the same. There in the clouds, I let go of the questions and fears and chose to trust God to keep me safe throughout the trip, and He certainly did. The answers to those questions I had earlier: yes, I managed the hiking just fine; and no, I did not get a single mosquito bite. God had me covered, I just had to trust Him.

I didn’t even have to land in Haiti for God to teach me the first lesson of many that were in store for me on my trip. There at 5,000 feet above the earth, I realized something very important that I’m sure God has been trying to teach me for quite some time. Only He knows what’s ahead of me – He’s already written the full story of my life – so all I have to do is trust that His plans for me are greater than I could ever imagine on my own. Once I do that, I know I’m in for quite a magnificent adventure – just like I had in Haiti – full of bumpy roads, beautiful people, and eye-opening experiences.

How is God asking you to trust Him right now? Is there something that He’s asking you to do that you’re hesitant about?


(Photo credit: Monica Mull)

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