The Call That Changed Our Lives

Have you ever gotten a phone call that completely turned your world upside down? For me, that call came in at 9:55 AM on a Wednesday morning, and I was in a meeting so I let it go to voicemail…

It’s no secret that Taylor and I have been trying to start a family for quite some time. After a year of trying to conceive, in early 2016 we started the tests to see what was wrong. After a few months of being poked and prodded by the doctors, they gave us an answer…sort of. We are one of the lucky couples who experience fertility issues for no explainable reason. Everything that they tested was “normal” but we just couldn’t seem to get pregnant.

As we stood at the check-out desk in the doctor’s office that day, Taylor and I looked at each other and we both knew it was time to try something different. We have always known that adoption would be part of our parenthood journey, but we never before considered that it would be the first chapter. However, on that otherwise ordinary day, we shared a moment that will be imprinted on my mind forever.

It was as if God spoke into our souls in the very same breath that it was time to start pursuing adoption. When I looked up at him, I knew he was thinking the exact same thing as I said “I think we’re supposed to adopt first.” Modern science may not have been able to tell us why we didn’t have a baby yet, but we both knew that God’s plan for us was going to take us down a different path.

Since we knew two other couples who were pursuing adoption at the time, we decided we would follow in their footsteps and look into infant adoption. We had wonderful recommendations for the agency that they were using so we contacted them immediately. Through a series of odd events including technical glitches, lost emails, and a cost that made my stomach drop; God shut that door very quickly after we tried to open it.

We also had a friend who worked with the foster care system and she recommended that we pursue adoption in that way. It was far from what we envisioned for our family, but after some soul-searching and prayer, we knew that was what God wanted us to do. During one of the most memorable prayer times I’ve ever had, God told me that my son was out there somewhere and that He would bring us together when the time was right. I spent nearly a year clinging to that promise and praying often that my little boy would find his way home soon.

Through another series of events that can only be described as God working in mysterious ways, last October I found myself living in a new city and making the transition to stay at home wife as Taylor started a new job. Shortly after we moved, we started pursuing our foster care certification. Things took far longer than we expected and as we approached the anniversary of our fateful doctor’s visit, we still had not been approved.

About that time, an opportunity to start working at our church presented itself. As we awaited our final approval, I started my dream job of children’s pastor. During my first week on the job, we got word that we were an approved foster home. Since I had just been given another dream of mine, I thought that motherhood would be put on hold for a while. God thought differently, very differently. Just ten days after beginning my job, I got the call…that I sent to voicemail.

After a couple of meetings, I listened to the message on my way back to my desk. It was a social worker at our agency calling about “a potential placement.” We played phone tag for a little while, and as I waited for him to call me back I read an email from someone else at the agency. I can’t remember a single thing from that email except for one word: TWINS.

I immediately called Taylor, and the first thing I said was “Do we want twins?” I’m sure I just about gave him a heart attack, but he took it in stride. We both knew that we needed more information and lots of prayer. I took the afternoon off to go home and pray in the room that was waiting for our child to occupy it. A few hours later I finally got the call I was waiting for.

There was lots of discussion about severe delays, behavior issues, eating issues, past neglect and abuse, but I knew that if these were the children God intended for us that none of that would matter. When I asked the boys’ names, I immediately had my answer. I still had to call Taylor to talk things through before we gave our final answer, but I knew right then that these were my kids. In addition to both having strong Biblical names that I loved, one of the boys was named the name I had picked out for my future son as a teenager.

On May 18th, the very next day, I became a mother. God finally delivered on that promise He had made me almost a year ago. Not only did He bring me my son, He brought me TWO SONS. One day I may share more about my boys’ story, but for now I’ll just tell you this: The very same week that Taylor and I decided to start trying to get pregnant is when our babies were born. It may have taken us a while to find each other, but now that we have them home, I have two pieces of my heart that I didn’t know were missing.

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  1. Sarah Smith

    Thanks for sharing part of your story Kristin! I’m shedding happy tears for you. Can’t wait to meet your boys!


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