Maintaining Balance, Even Through a Major Life Change

This week we’re looking at chapter 8 of Balancing It All by Candace Cameron Bure. This chapter is coming at a great time in my life because it’s all about how your life can get out of balance when you go through a major change. As some of you know, my husband recently graduated from Law School – Yay! Unfortunately that is going to mean a location change for us, so I’m glad to have some insight from Candace, who has gone through many moves, to help me adjust to a new lifestyle when the time comes.

“Do you know what can easily happen when you find yourself in a completely new situation? Your priorities can get out of whack…and your life becomes unbalanced.” Hmmm…that’s a scary thought since we’ve been working so hard on maintaining balance over the last several weeks together.

Thankfully, Candace provides us with some great pieces of advice so that we can stop that from happening. She says “you really need to know what your priorities should be in order to balance them.” Sadly, there are times when that’s easier said than done, and I’m feeling like now is one of those times in my life. I’m still working full time and maintaining one of my side businesses (the other has been put on the back burner for now) and I try to devote a little time each day, but with the imminent move hanging over my head I feel like I’m being distracted far too easily.

All this weekend my mind was racing with all the things that need to be done in order to get our house on the market and sold. We need to clean it from top to bottom, finish all the minor repairs that have been on the to do list forever, paint two of the rooms, sell some of the furniture and extra household items we won’t need after we move, get rid of all the clutter, pack things away, and on and on and on. Wow, just writing that list was exhausting! Even as I was thinking of all the things to include on the list I typed, I was realizing that there are far more important things in my life. Yes, I do think it’s important that our house look its best so we can sell it, but maybe I didn’t need to spend that extra hour away from my hubby this weekend to start packing and taking inventory of everything we’re going to sell. After all, he hasn’t even accepted a job yet!

As we all must do, (fairly often, I’m realizing) I need to take a step back and remember what is most important in my life. Candace has some wisdom to share on that too: “If you find yourself in a similar state of an unbalanced life, I encourage you to go to Jesus to find a sense of stability, direction, purpose, and balance. He will guide you where you need to be.” Amen!

When I taught Sunday school, I used to joke that the answer I’d get to any question I’d ask the kids was Jesus, and while you can’t necessarily answer “Jesus” and get any question correct, maybe they were on to something. While the answer to all of life’s questions may not be Jesus per se, if we seek Him when we have a question, He will lead us to the answer. Isn’t that reassuring? We don’t have to have all of the answers because, through prayer, we have a direct line to the One who does.

Weekly Challenge:

This week I encourage you all to seek God’s will for your priorities in life. Whether you’re going through a major change like I am or not, I think it’s important to seek God’s will. It doesn’t always take a major change for your priorities to get out of whack so go to Him in prayer this week and ask for His guidance. Are you placing the most value on the things in your life that are most important to God or to the world?

With Love,


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