Prayer: The Most Powerful Tool in Our Toolbox

This week we’re finishing our reading of Balancing It All by Candace Cameron Bure with Chapter 16. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book with all of you, and I’ve loved the conversations we’ve gotten to have about it on our Facebook page. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this time together as well.

{Next week we’ll be looking at the introduction of Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht – author of the Time Warp Wife blog, and if you haven’t purchased the book yet, you can try a sample of it here.}

The focus of this chapter is on prayer, and I can honestly say that the ideas it gave me have truly impacted my prayer life. My very favorite idea that Candace shared, and the one I’m going to focus on today is having a prayer partner. Candace shared with us the story of how a friend approached her about becoming prayer partners and her initial hesitance to do so. She says, “For a few weeks I really did pray about it and I felt God saying ‘Here you go. Take this step and commit. It’s putting you in a place where you can’t back out because it’s not just you who depends on it; her prayers are in your hands too.’ At the same time, I realized that my prayers would be in her hands. Stacy would also be committing to pray for me and I knew she would hold up her end of the partnership.”

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I try to stay several weeks ahead on my blog posts so that they’ll still go up even when I get busy. I took one of my close friends completely by surprise when you all were on chapter 10 and I approached her about this idea from chapter 16. Thankfully, she was completely on board and we’ve been updating each other weekly on our prayers, praises, and just general information on our lives. I will admit that I was terrified at first about being so responsible for someone else’s prayer requests, but knowing that she is praying for me daily has held me accountable. I had a little bit of a rough start since I was so unused to praying over specific requests daily, but after about two weeks it became part of my daily routine. I look forward to that time with God every day and I’m so glad that He has put such a wonderful friend in my life that I can truly share everything with. My prayers each day start with praising God for bringing us together and leading us to this beautiful partnership where we can share in each other’s lives, both in the good moments and the bad.

I’ll leave you today with a quote from Candace, “A day without prayer is a day wasted of an opportunity to see God’s hand in my life. I just can’t go a day without it anymore.” I don’t think I’m quite to that point in my prayer life yet, but I’m confident that by God’s grace I will get to that point.


My challenge for you this week is a big one. I want to encourage you to find someone in your life that can serve as your prayer partner. My partner and I have taken Candace’s lead and opted for weekly email updates with the occasional midweek prayer request when something big comes up, but you could really structure your agreement in any way you’d like. Maybe you’re in the same town and you can schedule a weekly coffee date to catch up on things. However you choose to do it, I can honestly say that if you dedicate yourself to it, you’ll see amazing results, both in answered prayer requests and in your relationship with God and each other.

God Bless,


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