It’s All About Balance

Week 6 – It’s All About Balance

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Ch. 11: Balancing Work and Worship & Ch. 12: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World


When I started to practice yoga, I was truly awful. I’m sure that if anyone looked in our living room windows, they would have gotten a good laugh watching me struggle and fall as I tried to keep my balance in many of the poses. One morning I was feeling particularly adventurous and I tried to do one of those crazy yoga headstands and it was totally disastrous. I quickly lost my balance, fell over with a very loud thud, scared the daylights out of the dog, and woke my sleeping hubby. I haven’t given the headstand another try, but I’ve come quite a long way since those first few shaky months.

Just like most things in life, this week we’re learning that when it comes to having a Mary heart in a Martha world – it’s all about balance. As we talked about earlier in the study, both Martha’s Kitchen Service and Mary’s Living Room Intimacy are important parts of our walk with Christ. There may be seasons in our lives that our inner Martha shines through more than Mary or vice versa, but it’s important to remember that over time the two should balance each other out.

“Being balanced is not so much a matter of staying in perfect equilibrium as it is a matter of finding the right rhythm for our lives…Because, practically speaking, the balance between Living Room Intimacy and Kitchen Service more often resembles the up-and-down, back-and-forth motion of the teeter-totter than it does that fleeting moment of synchronicity. One side of my life may take precedence for a while, and then the other.” (p. 181)

Just as Philippians 2:12 says to “continue to work out your salvation,” Joanna reassures us that we don’t have to worry if we haven’t managed to perfect the balancing act of our lives just yet. This balancing act is something that we will have to continue to work on long after this book study is over.

“A product requires a process. The same is true of our Christian walk. Becoming like Jesus requires a process as well…Christianity is a process and not an event. It is a journey, not a destination…It is the twisting tests of life that produce character and faithfulness to God.” (p. 195)

Do you struggle to maintain the balance between Martha’s Kitchen Service and Mary’s Living Room Intimacy? Which do you tend to focus more on? Be assured that God doesn’t expect us to have this perfected; this balance is something we’ll all need to continue to practice. 



Kristin is a wife and mother of two fur babies, who lives in Wheeling, WV. She has a passion for Jesus and reading, which she put together to found the Biblical Wives Book Club. She seeks to encourage other young wives to maintain strong, Christ-centered marriages through a community of women who support each other as women of God.

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