If God Changed Your Plans

This week we’re reading chapter 13 of Messy Beautiful Love – can you believe we’re almost done?!  This week’s focus is on contentment. I have recently read many blog posts about being content, and it’s something I’m really trying to work on, but Darlene takes it one step further. Could you be content if God changed your plans? That’s a tough question for me because I am a planner and I absolutely hate when things disrupt my plans.

Early in the chapter, Darlene tells us about the plans that she and her husband made together when they started dating:

“When Michael and I were first dating, we drew up plans for our dream home. We knew how many kids we wanted to have, where we wanted to live, and when we planned to retire. We even picked out a name for our dog, which we didn’t have yet. We talked about the style of furniture we liked, the dishes we wanted, and the ways we’d celebrate the holidays. “

Can’t we all relate to that? Taylor and I have been making plans like those for our future since we first started dating as well. It’s fun to do isn’t it? There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and plans for the future, but it does become a problem when we focus so much on the plans we have for our lives that we miss God’s plan for us.

After reminding us of several biblical figures who trusted God with their uncertain futures, Darlene asks us a very big question. Would you be content if God changed your plans?  I would like to challenge each and every one of you to seriously think about the answer to that question because I can guarantee that at some point in your life, He will change your plans.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” If God changed your plans and you’re struggling to deal with it, remember that He is the ultimate planner. Even when we can’t see the whole plan He has for us, we can still trust that His plan is better than anything we could ever come up with on our own.

Darlene’s Challenge

The nest time things don’t go as planned, choose joy. Your initial reaction might be one of disappointment, but you have the ability to turn that around and thank God in the moment. If your husband is doing things his way? If he’s not living according to plan? Handle things wisely, communicate your desire in love, and avoid any temptation to nag.

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