Helping Your Husband Find God’s Will

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This week in The Power of a Praying Wife, we’re learning to pray for our husbands’ fears, purpose, and choices. When I was reading through these chapters, I realized that all of these prayers can do something very big for our husbands. By praying for these things, you are helping your husband find God’s will for his life. 

When I was first reading these chapters, I had no idea just how soon I would need to start fervently praying for these things in my husband’s life. Taylor and I had quite a long conversation last night about how his job is going. He’s 5 months in to his first job as an attorney and it’s not quite working out as he expected or wanted. I’m so glad that when he needed to share these things with me, that I felt equipped by these chapters to talk to him and pray for him.

If he is walking on God’s chosen path for his life, your husband won’t be fearful of the “what if’s” of life.

In the chapter on praying for your husband’s fears, Stormie tells us that “when fear seizes us, tormenting and ruling our lives, we have become captive to it. Men are often susceptible to that because without even realizing it, they get attacked by the ‘what if’s.’ What if I can’t make enough money? What if something happens to my wife and children?” This list can go on and on.

Luke 8:37 says:

Then all the people of the region of the Gerasenes asked Jesus to leave them, because they were overcome with fear. So he got into the boat and left.

Just like the people of Gerasenes, if we allow fear to control our lives, we can miss out on so many wonderful things that God has in store for us. Fortunately, the opposite holds true as well. If we run to God in times of fear and don’t allow the fear to get a foot hold in our lives, God will be able to do wonderful things in and through our lives. Won’t you join me today in praying that your husband will not allow fear to overcome him, but instead will courageously seek God’s will in every aspect of his life?

Your husband will find fulfillment if he is following God’s will for his life.

In the chapter titled His Purpose, Stormie tells us that “Your husband needs to know the reason he exsists…He must be certain he was created for a great purpose. When he discovers that purpose, and is doing what he was created to do, he will find fulfillment.” Just as I talked about a couple weeks ago, finding fulfillment isn’t always an easy thing to do. If we know what God’s will is for our lives and we are following it, we will find our fulfillment in Him. If that doesn’t convince you that you should be helping your husband find God’s will in his life, I don’t know what will.

If your husband is consciously pursuing God’s will for his life, he will avoid making ungodly choices. 

Chapter 10 discusses the importance of our husbands’ decisions – more specifically, the need to make good and Godly choices. Our role as wives is not to try to control our husbands or the choices they make. That is God’s place, not ours. Instead as wives, we need to be praying for our husbands to make the Godly choices that we hope they will make. As with the other topics we’re discussing this week, if your prayers are helping your husband find God’s will then Godly choices will accompany that.

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