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You and Me Forever

Introduction: The Secret to Happily Ever After


Let’s be honest for a minute here. How many marriage books have you read? No, don’t get up and go count the books on your shelf, but think about it. I’m willing to bet that if you’re joining us for this book study it’s because you’re dedicated to your marriage and – whether it’s good or bad, old or new – you’d like to improve it. You want that legendary happily ever after. If that’s what you’re looking for in this book, you might be surprised with what you actually find.

Before I give away too many spoilers, I want to tell you what I like most about this book. It’s not just another person telling you their supposed “secrets to marriage.” It’s a call to action. Yes, there’s some great advice in here, just like those other books you’ve read, but that advice is followed by suggestions of how to put that into practice. According to Francis Chan, that might be just what we all need:

“It reminded me of a lot of people I find in church. They are fed more and more knowledge every week. They attend church services, join small group Bible studies, read Christian books, listen to podcasts – and are convinced they still need more knowledge. Truth is, their biggest need is to do something.”

Can you relate to this description? Maybe you know someone like this. Maybe you are someone like this. Maybe you’ve been like this in the past. The beauty of being a woman in Christ is that – if we’ll let Him – the Holy Spirit inside us will sanctify us, mold us into His image. For me, that means changing from someone who sits on the sidelines, constantly analyzing but never acting, to someone who runs into the game willing to mess up but knowing that if I don’t act I’ll never achieve anything. (Can you tell I watched a football game last night?)

Football analogy aside, we need to stop being the type of Christians who soak up every word of every sermon, diligently taking notes from the front pew, but never apply those lessons to our lives.

This may be a “marriage book” but it’s something much more important than that. It’s a book full of valuable information with an invitation to do something with that information. If you’ll join me for this study, I hope that in addition to learning a few things that will help your marriage, you’ll be inspired to develop a few new practices that will allow you to serve God in a whole new way.

Before we get into the “meat and potatoes” of this book – as my English teacher would say – take some time to analyze where you stand right now. Are you watching life from the sidelines? Are you trying to take the lessons you learn and use them to do God’s work? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between.

Regardless of where you stand right now, I hope that you’ll consider joining me for this book study. If you’ve already signed up – great! If not, there’s still some time before we begin.

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