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Even though this is the Biblical Wives Book Club, I like to mix it up sometimes and do a book that has nothing to do with marriage, but will speak to the soul of ALL women. I had completely made up my mind to do another book for the spring study, but when I was browsing a book store one day, this book jumped out at me and I knew we just had to read it!


“There is nothing like that moment when a woman is awakened to the truth that she is who God says she is, she can do what God says she can do, and she can have all that God says she can have.

That moment when her faith makes the six-inch drop from her head to her heart, and her passion, purpose, and potential are activated. 

That is the moment when everything changes. 


That gives me chills…and that’s just the first page!! I’m so excited to start digging into this book with you and I hope you are too! If you’ve enjoyed a book study with us in the past, then sign up and invite some friends!! This is going to be a great study and I’d love to see our biggest group yet!


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“With over seven billion people in the world, it can be difficult for women to believe they were designed for a purpose. That they individually have value, and their life has meaning that goes beyond what they see or have been told to believe. But that’s just the life-changing message Debbie Lindell passionately shares and champions. Every woman, no matter her history, social status, or position in society, was beautifully and magnificently designed by her Creator to live an amazing life.

In She Believes, Lindell shares with women the beautiful truth of God’s love for them, empowering them to live out their own unique purpose and bring change to their homes, their workplaces, their communities, and the world. With personal stories and biblical truth, Debbie invites women to trust God’s Word–and discover the incredible, abundant life that he created them to live.”

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